people keep saying they’re happy Akihiko isn’t half naked anymore, but we haven’t seen the bottom half yet now have we

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conronorock said: all I want is fuuka clumsily beating the shit out of akihiko, is that too much to ask


all her attacks have a low to mid chance of poison

Anonymous said: Hey Akihiko (post-P3P) how is your girlfriend doing?

Anonymous said: So shadow ops, reactions to meeting your other selves in Ultimax?

(aka if it’s likely to happen in the game itself I don’t want to conflict with canon)

Anonymous said: Dear Shadow Op, rude inflammatory comment.

how dare

Anonymous said: HEY! scruffy boxer ( mistletoe over Mitsuru )


The true Christmas miracle is that the mod decided to not be a smart-ass today. now stop sending shipping asks

Anonymous said: Please Aigis be my girl! I don´t care íf you are a robot, you are still my fav girl! il let you watch me sleep! you can even sleep with me! love you Aigis....


Anonymous said: Let's stop talking about sex and talk about the important stuff, like how Yosuke sleeps with a nightlight.